Mixed Media

Starring Cary Grant and Jeanne Crain,People Will Talk isn’t easy to categorize. It’s not completely a romantic comedy; it’s not a satire; it’s a comedy by default. Cary Grant plays Noah Preatorius, M.D. a suave, yet eccentric doctor and medical professor. He’s the kind of doctor I like, witty and humane. For example, Dr. Praetorius refuses to let the nurses wake all the patients at his clinic (more like a small hospital) for breakfast. They aren’t inmates after all. Let them eat when they want to. Bravo!

The film doesn’t quite fit the typical Hollywood molds, which is so refreshing. I was riveted to see that this 1951 film dealt adroitly dealt with unwanted pregnancy at all. How many romantic comedies do? It was the first I’ve seen of that era that did. The Hays Code, which set a strict list of moral prohibitions for film…

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