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I’ve said it before. I came late to One Tree Hill and I’m just getting through season 5. I’m at the point where Angie, the baby Brooke’s caring for a baby who needs heart surgery.

On the one hand, it was a pretty good idea to move 4 years ahead in time. It was a bold move, but friends do scatter after high school and often regroup after college as they return home.

The love triangle of Lucas – Peyton – Lindsay is dramatic and I’m rooting for Peyton. I didn’t buy Lucas’ quick proposal to Lindsay after hearing Peyton pour our her heart. Lindsay’s discovery of the engagement ring was unfortunate. Too bad Lucas didn’t think of a different way to respond.

I don’t understand why Karen wasn’t around more. The show in which Andy gives Lucas advice and Karen wasn’t around at all just didn’t ring true.

The entire storyline with Brooke’s desire to be a mother (at the age of what? 22?) makes no sense. It’s not interesting or plausible. I doubt an agency would turn down an applicant and then allow the same immature person to take a medically fragile child from some unspecified Latin American country for a few days. It makes no sense that no one from the family or agency checks in. It makes no sense that Brooke would have this baby several days before she had to take her to the doctor. Also, before you get to be a foster parent, you must take parenting classes.

It’s good to see Dan’s free. Tree Hill needs a villain and you can’t do better than Dan Scott.