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The cast of Glee from left to right: Rachel Be...

Glee‘s Episode “Yes/No” was full of proposals. Kudos to Will’s grand, dare I say over the top nautical, proposal to Emma. For a minute it seemed like he’d call the whole thing off as her parents were so against it, but Emma’s impassioned speech helped Will see clearly. The show also meandered with Sam and Mercedes. Supposedly, they’d had a summer romance and he wanted to start things up again, but since Mercedes is dating a football player she nixed that idea. The whole storyline seemed cobbled together. Yet Sam’s not defeated so in the weeks to come, I suppose there will be more.

The plotline with Becky asking Arnie rang truer. She had eyes for him, but he just wanted to be friends. Poor Becky. She does have Sue to console her and act as a role model. Again, poor Becky, but lucky Sue because that’s the one relationship that keeps Sue humane.

Out of left field, Finn decided to propose to Rachel. Since his parents and Will, convinced him not to follow in his dad’s footsteps and join the army, Finn’s desperate to give his life purpose. The story of his dad having a drug problem after the war, seems 100% contrived. If that had been a secret the mother kept for sometime then, I’d buy it and there’d have been more drama. It was good to finally see a new episode, but I felt manipulated by Finn’s proposal at the end of the show. Just as Rachel seems to.