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I continue to be engrossed and content with this season of Downton Abbey. I just learned that Shirley MacLaine will star as Cora’s mother in Season 3. I’m glad to hear there will be a Season 3.

Now for this episode: I did feel for Daisy and wish someone had stepped up and sided with her so she didn’t feel forced to marry William for the few minutes he had left. Her point was understandable, it was somewhat dishonest even though she did it to make him feel happier at the end. I know that everyone should sacrifice for the war effort, but really. I admired her for not caring about getting a war widow’s pension.

Edith and Mary are coming to respect each other. Interesting. I never thought I’d see that.

I still feel hopeful for Mary ending up with Matthew even though he’s likely to be impotent and she having to agree to marry the media mogul. Ever the optimist when it comes to television. Yet the rode for this love, which is proving true despite it’s early, rocky moments.