Review of the new show by the creator of Gilmore Girls, Bunheads episode 3.

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The third episode of the promising Bunheads was rather ho hum. The show needs to establish a need for Michelle to stay in town with a mother-in-law she barely knows. That business was taken care of with this episode. So this episode itself was nothing to write home about. I could point out its blandness, but I like the two leads and Amy Sherman-Pallidino, the executive producer, so let’s just say this is not a must-see, while hoping that next week the show can concentrate on the relationships at hand.

Basically, there was a sit down with Hubbell’s lawyer who explained that Michelle now owns the house and land. Both Michelle and Fanny were stunned, especially Fanny, who figured she’d be homeless.

An annoying, self-interested real estate scared Michelle hoping to get her to $ell. Fortunately, Michelle got stranded on a multimillionaire’s property and had to meet him. The eligible…

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